About TechTime

TechTime is a concept that follows different paths toward the same objective. The TechTime School and The TechTime Makerspace will both help people learn and develop skills working with their hands as well as their minds.   
TechTime wood and metal working classes are offered during the day for home-schooled students. There are classes for elementary students in grades 3-5, middle school aged, and high school aged students. Classes meet for 3 hours a day, one day per week. Students learn about safety, tool usage, product design utilizing the Engineering Design Process, craftsmanship, and develop problem-solving skills. 
In the evenings, TechTime will be opened to the community as a makerspace, which means people can come and use the shop to design and make their own products. Various classes will also be offered with specific technologies or products and processes in mind, such as: refinishing and restoration of furniture, CNC programming, turning (lathe), welding, and various home maintenance courses.