TechTime Testimonials

“Dr. Woodason’s woodshop class has been a positive environment and very enjoyable for our upcoming 11th grade son. Our son has appreciated John’s calm and patient teaching style as well as the way he individualizes the classes for each student and teaches them at their unique level. Not only is our son enjoying learning new skills in each class, and working on projects he enjoys, but he has benefitted greatly from the way Mr. Woodason explains things very well and freely gives help as needed. The serene and beautiful surroundings of the property are just the icing on the cake! We highly recommend this class to other families.”

Shayna & Ethan S.

“John’s woodworking/welding class has proven to be the perfect fit for both my high school and elementary age boys. They love to learn from him and have come home inspired to make their own wood projects, which has benefited our whole family. He covers a multitude of topics, that after just a few short weeks, has thoroughly enabled them to apply on their own. John leads with patience, kindness, and fun. We highly recommend this class to any age or gender. Plus, homeschoolers can count the hours toward elective high school course credits! Thank you John for going beyond expectation with this unique class.”

Laura S.

“The full woodworking shop that John built on his property is safe and functional, and impressively done, like you might expect from a shop teacher. But his teaching methods are what I found most impressive. John covers each tool’s function and how to operate them safely, and when designing and building the projects, John spends a lot of time on the ‘why’. The class performs this work together and through that process he guides them to the ‘how’. My son leaves understanding why a particular design or technique was chosen over another. It’s good to see my son focused, challenged and, in the end, satisfied with what he’s accomplished.”

Rick W.